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Amazing Animals: FUN lesson plans for K-3 that teach about animal facts. Here are a few samples.
-Build-a-Bat with traceable bat wings to use with Popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners. Book includes facts about echolocation.
-Colorblind Lions lesson plan comes with a worksheet and a traceable zebra picture to show children how the zebra's stripes blend in with grass to hide him.
-Animal Camouflage comes with a fact sheet to handout about how different animals use camouflage to hide in their environments.
-Pouch Facts with Marsupials comes with fact card hand outs and cut outs of Marsupial Mamas and Marsupial Babies to match and paste.
-Egg-Laying Mammals lesson comes with cut out of a Platypus and Echidna (Ant Eater) and fact cards.
-Writing an Animal Fable comes with a handout on how to write your fable and base it on traditional Aesop’s Fables.

Strengthen science and language skills with research and observation projects, reports, creative writing activities, literature links, theatrical performances, and fact cards. Students will learn about science while practicing writing, reading, research, performance, and speaking skills. Animal facts, stencils, and animal poems are included. 100 books available!

Price $3.99

Yes or No Books: Read the questions, then flip the switch to answer Yes or No. Turn the book over to see if you’re right! Great for centers!

Grade 1 Reading

Grade 1 Math

Yes or No Grade 1 Reading: Teaches simple grammar, rhyming, phonics, letter and sound recognition and tons of funny facts! It's an excellent center book once children can read on their own. Only 2 left!
Sale Price $5.00 Reduced from $8.95

Yes or No Grade 1 Math: Teaches simple equations, time & measurement, money and math language! It's an excellent center book once children can read on their own. Only 6 left!
Sale Price $5.00 Reduced from $8.95

Grade 2 Reading
Yes or No Grade 2 Reading: Teaches grammar, phonics, spelling, sentence structure, and funny facts for 7 & 8 year olds. It's an excellent center book for reading now that children can work on their own! Only 7 books left!
Price $5.00 Reduced from $8.95

Baby Animal Board Books: Adorable hard page books that are great for toddlers. They can turn pages without damaging the book. Farm Animals, ABC, 123, and Shapes and Colors teach children the basics so they will be ready for Kindergarten. 100 books available!
Price: $8.00 for all 4

Slightly used children's books!

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